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Bird-eater spider. by Monster-Boar Bird-eater spider. by Monster-Boar

The Goliath bird-eater Spider is an arachnid
belonging to the tarantula group, Theraphosidae, and is
considered to be the second largest spider in the world,
and they may be the biggest by mass. The spider was named
by explorers from the Victorian era, who witnessed one eating
a hummingbird.
Destriarch Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2010
Theraphosidae is not really the 'tarantula' group, that would be 'Tarantula'. Unfortunately there was a massive misunderstanding about what a tarantula was. When first encountered the true tarantula, Lycosa Tarantula, was a wolf spider from the Taranto region. It was said to have an extremely poisonous bite, the only cure for which was to sweat out the poison by furious dancing. The dances used became known as the 'Tarantella', though several versions exist. This presents two more misunderstandings however. Firstly, sweating out the poison wouldn't work. It's more likely that the dance simply kept the victim's mind occupied and stopped them from dying of shock, since that's the biggest killer with this kind of poisoning. Secondly, it wasn't even the tarantula's fault. The real culprit was a comb-footed spider related to the black widow. However, when the bird-eating spider was discovered, people who had never even seen the tarantula spider but had heard much about its ferocity immediately assumed that this was it. Nowadays, many species of bird-eating spider are thought of as tarantulas even though they are actually quite distantly related.

A further misunderstanding was that when the naturalist (whose name slips my mind) released her sketches of the bird-eating spider eating a hummingbird, nobody believed them. For years it was thought that they did no such thing, and that the artist had merely made it up to make the spider look bigger and scarier. However, bird-eating spiders have since been observed to take small birds as prey, which proves that it was at least possible for the naturalist to observe such an occurrence.

Monster-Boar Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2010

Well I barely know much about Tarantulas and
I usually add a bit of info for each of my stamps
so I just got this off wikipedia..

but thankyou for the info, I learn something new everyday! :dummy:
Destriarch Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2010
NP. I think there's a lot of misleading stuff in the Wikipedia page, but there seems to be a vote on to split it into a disambiguation page which would probably be an improvement.

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